Work Based Learning

We consider it be essential that our students participate in work experience in the process of preparing them for employment. We have understood through experience that students who have required additional support through education struggle when placed in a situation that requires them to be independent over an extended period. Therefore our 6th Form programme is built around work-based learning. Students gain the knowledge and understanding of a vocational course which they have chosen and access work experience in a relevant industry simultaneously. 

Prospective students will have the opportunity to engage in their chosen field of employment. As a student, you may have a career path that you would like to pursue, something that you may be interested in or simply the possibility of trying something new. Our work-based learning programme will provide valuable insight into the world of work, the structures involved and employability skills. It is an essential element to career planning for the individual, giving them the chance to try out an occupation in a real-life situation.