Welcome to Newbury School Project

Donald Campbell- Education & Project Manager

Welcome to Newbury School Project, I am the Education and Project Manager. My aim is to continue to develop our provision by extending the curriculum, our community partners and of course, continue to enrol more young people into Newbury School Project, providing them with the relevant skills they need to pursue a positive future as they enter into adulthood. 

It is great to be a part of the service we provide to all who attend or is associated with Newbury School Project. The many challenges we face on a daily basis are often varied so we have to manage the unexpected.  However, it all adds to the experiences of life, especially when dealing with those who are in need of extra care and attention to be guided to a more promising path that leads to a brighter future.

We aim to maintain and promote the best care package to all concerned which requires hard work and conscientious dedication, constantly. Team effort is required by all to work towards the common aim and objectives, constantly.

Newbury School Project will do its best to play its part in a global setting under Stanfield Care Services Group, which includes Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Consistency.