Creative Hair Studies

Hair Cut

The NOCN Level 1 Award and Certificate in Creative Hair Studies has been developed to provide learners with the opportunity to develop initial
skills in different aspects of hairdressing.
Learners will be able to:
·Investigate and gain experience in hairdressing
· Develop practical skills and techniques in hairdressing
· Develop awareness of the health and safety issues related to hairdressing
· Use appropriate materials, tools and equipment in a practical environment
· Learn, develop and practise skills needed for progression in the hairdressing sector
The qualifications have the support of Habia, the standards setting body for the hairdressing sector.

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Newbury School Project Salon

Our vision is to create a viable service within Newbury School Project(NSP) which will provide income and qualification for staff and students respectively. Our mission is to install a reliable and sustainable service that will become a source of provision for users who wish to partake in whatever is provided.

 The services that the salon will provide is to be all salon services as required. Training for qualification(s) will be managed by staff. (Examination Board Required in the school for qualification)

 Training programme initiatives:

  1. Students are asked to invite friends for discounted services in a training capacity.

  2. End year of photo shoot for students to showcase their learning.

  3. Promotional show in school assembly (NIS) for to showcase gleaned learning. This can be offered as community project as an outreach project to family and friends, stakeholders/staff.

Through this training programme students can gain the NOCN level one award and certificate in the course mentioned above. 

 The Salon will be open to the general public and it is currently located in a room on the ground floor of NSP.