About Us

Welcome to Newbury School Project, where we celebrate each student as an individual and acknowledge that no two people are the same. We implement a person-centred approach and bespoke curriculum, with the intent of meeting individual needs, to ensure that each student progresses towards their goals despite their starting point.

We encourage our students to express themselves and communicate their views. We value our student’s opinions and want them to have a say in everything that we do as a Project.

Newbury takes pride in the local community and understands the importance of giving back to society. We focus on strategies to support our local community. We have recently created a food bank which distributes food every week. We encourage our students to give back and actively participate in the community work that we deliver.

Newbury has developed a social care hub called NSCH (Newbury Social Care Hub) to signpost individuals who require support to a relevant organisation that can support their needs.

We will facilitate various community projects and outreach activities throughout the academic year for our students to participate in.