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Welcome back!

To all students, careers and staff a big welcome back to Newbury School Project, even though we are almost half way through the first term.

It has been a different kind of summer break because of us all having to face the dreaded pandemic COVID-19. However, we are delighted to welcome our returning students and staff back from the summer holidays and looking forward to working with everyone, especially new personnel, students and staff. 

Haughty congratulations to all students who were successful in their exams and hope that those who were unsuccessful will continue to strive for a better outcome in the future.

Our academic year will always be challenging but we want to assure all parents and carers that we will be here to support you and your children on their school journey into adulthood.

We intend to encapsulate evidence of our activities on our website  and will be inviting you all to join, comment, and like our new social media pages also.

Please contact the school if you need any support or information.

Kindest regards,

Donald Campbell

Education & Project Manager


Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote confidence, independence and the practical skills required for our young people to succeed in the world of employment. We aim to provide and give young people equal opportunities to gain skills and experience through bespoke learning. We expect to enable our students to become positive contributors to British society.





“No legacy is so rich as honesty” – William Shakespeare
Honesty is the lynchpin of everything we do. Our students and families have often lost faith in the education system and our honesty is the basis on which we start to rebuild the working relationship. We will always be thoughtful in the way we present our honest opinion, but we will not shy from difficult conversations as sometimes honesty is the best way to help change happen. We expect staff, students, families/carers and other agencies to be open with us, as we are always striving to provide the very best educational experience for our students.

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